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Nodi Seven Published on 2/24/2016

After years, the truth finally appears. Ursulla and Daddy are werewolves who kept their identity hidden form their children and the outside world. Something weird happened in Lactaminarra and their real identity gets exposed.

Xenos, Clayland & Maxwill are professors at the university who created a new creature, Nodi Seven who is born in only seven days. Nodi’s mother, Mara, dies on the same day of his birth. They bury her alive in the forest and they are convinced that she is dead. But when several years have passed, Mara is awakened by her Grandma Abbygail, the powerful witch.

Mara goes in search of her family and her unknown child. She also challenges to revenge the three mischievous professors. Finally, she meets her son Nodi Seven and tries to protect him from the evil demon. But who is his biological father? The Demon itself?

To save Nodi’s life, a life must be sacrificied or exchanged into another being. Only the forces of grandmother Abbygail can help them.

“Will Nodi Seven choose his mother’s or his father’s side?”

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